Adopt an UnChained Dog

When you adopt an UnChained dog, you get a dog who, through positive clicker training, has learned basic manners such as sit, down, stay and loose-leash walking.

More importantly, you get a dog who has received love and reassurance from its youth trainers, UnChained coaches, and foster family, resulting in new-found confidence and socialization.

You’ll also receive the satisfaction of knowing that your dog gave unconditional love to deserving youth in your community, offering them hope and confidence in return.

Adopt_Louise Photo.png


Louise is an animated little lady. She is tiny and fun. She loves receiving attention from people and will seek it out. She is great with other dogs despite the occasional grumble. She is extremely sweet, and her quirky personality is sure to win your affection.

Louise came to Peace of Mind Dog Rescue from Salinas Animal Services along with her mother, Tiana, who is also adoptable, and while these two ladies can live independently, it would be sweet to see them go to the same home. Louise is a graduate of our Kinship Center program.

Make her a part of your family today!



Tiana is a snuggly, love of a lap dog and is the mother of Louise (shown above).

Tiana is precious and calm, perfect for working with her youth trainers at the Kinship Center in Salinas. She is great with other dogs and is happy to be around people, even strangers, becoming quickly bonded to anyone who’s got some extra love to give.

Speaking of bonded, these two love each other so much and are hoping to find a home together (although they can live separately as well). Tiana and Louise are an easy addition to any family, and the one who gives them the opportunity will be rewarded with wet noses and total affection.

Bring them home today!



Opie is a young boy who was taken in by Animal Friends Rescue Project after being found by the Monterey County Animal Shelter.

Opie is a graduate of our Monterey County Youth Center program in Salinas where he learned how to be his best self thanks to the patience and compassion of his Youth Trainers.

Visit AFRP to make an appointment and learn more about little Opie and make him a part of your family today!



Fonzie joins us from Peace of Mind Dog Rescue in Pacific Grove. Compassionately surrendered when his guardians could no longer care for him and his brother, Lil’ Romeo. They both participated in school at Rancho Cielo Youth Campus and graduated in April.

Fonzie is young, social and loves meeting new people and dogs. His curiosity shows in his floppy ears and his sweetness in his quick little kisses. Visit Peace of Mind Dog Rescue to adopt this young boy today!


Lil’ Romeo

This lil’ cutie also comes to us from Peace of Mind Dog Rescue. Lil’ Romeo was surrendered along with his brother, Fonzie, and recently joined us for our Rancho Cielo Youth Campus program in Salinas. He graduated in April and is ready for his new home!

He and his brother are still learning that chickens and rabbits are our friends and not toys, so maybe no cats in home would be best.

He loves playing with other dogs and especially enjoys human affection. Once you become friends he’ll give you the sweetest kisses and his explicit attention. Visit Peace of Mind Dog Rescue to bring him home!



TJ is a very dreamy 2-year old and neutered American Bulldog mix who was rescued by South County Tail Waggers after he came to the shelter through no fault of his own. After having time to decompress in his foster home and joining us for our Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall program, he is a new dog!

TJ demonstrates basic skills such as sit, down and shake. He is extremely treat-motivated and responds well to training. With a gentle leader, he’ll be great on walks. He loves chew toys but is not that interested in balls. TJ is house trained, but very recently so he may need a short time to get used to a new potty routine in his forever home. TJ can chill in an XL crate for up to 4 hours after a little exercise with no issues.

TJ is a young enthusiastic buck and can be a bit much for other dogs at first. After slow introductions to others over (over the course of one week) in his foster home, he now hangs out just fine with his fosters’ three large dogs.

Visit South County Tail Waggers to bring home this handsome stud today!



Meet Huck! This baby boy previously found himself on death row due to a cancerous growth, but it has since been removed and he is cancer free!

Huck is a gentle soul who just wants to love his people, perfect for our students at the Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall to learn mindfulness and compassion from.

While he is crate trained, he does exhibit some separation anxiety, but after his brush with cancer we can’t blame him. He doesn't like to be left alone in the crate and will work to get out of it. However, his foster Dad has reported that when left at home alone, he does just fine and is not destructive. He really just wants to be where his people are, especially when it’s time for walks!

Are you the perfect partner for this special guy? Visit South County Tail Waggers and make him yours! 



Moolah is a hidden gem who found her way to Peace of Mind Dog Rescue after being picked up by Monterey County Animal Services.

She is active, friendly and energetic, trotting around wherever she pleases, but her true love is your lap. Her youth trainers at the Kinship Center are already in love with her!

When she's not exploring and greeting other dogs, she is looking for treats. This adorable love will quickly win your favor and we are all excited to see her find her forever home!