Adopt an UnChained Dog

When you adopt an UnChained dog, you get a dog who, through positive clicker training, has learned basic manners such as sit, down, stay and loose-leash walking.

More importantly, you get a dog who has received love and reassurance from its youth trainers, UnChained coaches, and foster family, resulting in new-found confidence and socialization.

You’ll also receive the satisfaction of knowing that your dog gave unconditional love to deserving youth in your community, offering them hope and confidence in return.

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Louise is an animated little lady. She is tiny and fun. She loves receiving attention from people and will seek it out. She is great with other dogs despite the occasional grumble. She is extremely sweet, and her corky personality is sure to win your affection.

Louise came to POMDR from Salinas Animal Services along with her mother, Tiana, who is also adoptable, and while these two ladies can live independently, it would be sweet to see them go to the same home.

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Our tiny girl Louise has been doing all she can to learn what it takes to be the best girl she can be. Found as a stray by Salinas Animal Services along with her mother, Tiana, Louise landed softly into the loving arms of a foster volunteer thanks to Peace of Mind Dog Rescue.
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Sammy (AKa Samwise)

Sammy is a 6-year old Shih Tzu mix from Peace of Mind Dog Rescue. He is a happy, affectionate little guy who eagerly greets you and loves squeaky toys. He is good with other dogs - interested and friendly – but he loves to be with people and quietly rests beside you. He is ready to play and go for a walk or a car ride but calms down quickly and adores his belly rubs! He easily goes into a crate but is housetrained and well-behaved throughout a home. He is well-behaved for vet visits and grooming and adores being brushed. He’s a special guy and after being returned to the shelter twice, he’s looking for a loving, permanent home.

Sammy is part of the UnChained program at the Monterey County Youth Center where is learning basic obedience and some agility. He has bonded quickly with his Youth Trainers and is sharing their enthusiasm for training.