Adopt an UnChained Dog

When you adopt an UnChained dog, you get a dog who, through positive clicker training, has learned basic manners such as sit, down, stay and loose-leash walking.

More importantly, you get a dog who has received love and reassurance from its youth trainers, UnChained coaches, and foster family, resulting in new-found confidence and socialization.

You’ll also receive the satisfaction of knowing that your dog gave unconditional love to deserving youth in your community, offering them hope and confidence in return.




Tiana is a snuggly, love of a lap dog and is the mother of Louise (shown above).

Tiana is precious and calm, perfect for working with her youth trainers at the Kinship Center in Salinas. She is great with other dogs and is happy to be around people, even strangers, becoming quickly bonded to anyone who’s got some extra love to give.

Speaking of bonded, these two love each other so much and are hoping to find a home together (although they can live separately as well). Tiana and Louise are an easy addition to any family, and the one who gives them the opportunity will be rewarded with wet noses and total affection.

Bring them home today!



Meet Kai Boss, but you can call him Boss for short!

Boss was rescued off the streets by Salinas Animal Services and hopped ino the loving arms of Peace of Mind Dog Rescue. Now he’s making a name for himself in our class at the Monterey County Youth Center in Salinas.

Not much is known about this little guy, but he sure is friendly with everyone he meets. He does have a little trouble remembering his manners when meeting new dogs and is easily misunderstood by them, so a patient adopter with mature family members would be best to help him learn in a calm environment.

Visit Peace of Mind Dog Rescue to learn all about our little Boss-pup!